Use average/mean of peer review grades as final assignment grade

Idea created by Jenny Wong on Jun 7, 2019
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    For Assignments that have enabled Peer Review, peer reviewers can grade another student’s assignment using a rubric as well as include comments. The peer review grades and comments are visible to the student but the rubric grades do not actually count towards their final grade. The instructor is the one who has to enter in the final grade for the assignment.  As indicated in the documentation “The rubric score is used for an assessment opinion only; you must review the assignment and assign the final grade.”


    Suggestion: Some instructors take the average/mean of the peer review grades and that becomes the student’s assignment grade. It would be helpful if there is an option at the peer review set up stage that can be checked off to use the (average/mean) of peer review grades as the student’s final grade for the assignment. Currently, the instructor has to determine the average/mean and then enter the grades in manually for every student.


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