Partially Anonymous Group Peer Review

Idea created by Silke Moeller on Jun 11, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Ashley Marshall
    • Rick Kleer

    This is a request to allow students to see who they are peer reviewing, but not who evaluated them. 


    In Canvas forum I see the recommendation to make the peer review anonymous and ask students to prominently write their name on top of the assignment. First, students might not follow that direction, and second, it also does not work for in-class student presentation peer reviews. 


    Here an example: Students are asked to present a project in class and they are reviewed by all students in Canvas based on a rubric. This is a peer review assignment and all students submit their presentations before presenting in class. When a student presents, the class is asked to go the peer review assignment, open the submission of the student that is presenting (here they have to see the name of the submitter), and review based on a rubric. The peer reviews students receive should be anonymous


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