Add Admin Commons Permissions Management

Idea created by Russell Cummings on Jun 11, 2019
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    Current Situation:

    To allow someone permission to manage commons as an admin you have to do the following:

    1. Click on Permissions; Go to Account Roles; scroll down to "Admins - add / remove"

    2. Turn on or off for the select role.

    What it Does:
    Account Settings - Allows user to add and remove other account admins.
    Commons - Allows user to access and edit the Admin settings in Commons. Allows user to create and manage Groups. Allows user to manage shared resources in the account.


    If I want to allow Teachers or other staff to help in managing commons, I am also giving them the ability to add or remove account admins. I cannot separate the two very different activities. So basically I have given them the keys to the whole system by allowing them to add or remove admins for the whole system.



    Separate the permissions under account roles so I can manage who I want to be an admin in commons and who I want to have the ability to manage system admins. They should be separate permissions!