Assignments Tab - Save Updates Button

Idea created by Victoria Richards on Jun 18, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Leonardo Santos

    On the Assignments tab, assignments can be dragged and dropped into different assignment groups. Instructors, from time-to-time inadvertently drag and drop an item into the wrong assignment group which, if the assignment groups are used for grade weighting, it will adjust the students grade inappropriately in Grades.


    Our institution's feature idea is to have a button at the bottom of the Assignments tab similar to the button in the Settings--"Update Course Details." This will keep from having Grade discrepancies when something is accidentally moved.


    Example: Assignment 1 is found in the Assignment 1 Group worth 30%. An instructor went in and was trying to move some items and accidentally moved Assignment 1 from Assignment 1 Group to Assignment 2 Group which was worth 30%. Now there are two assignments in Assignment 2 Group and nothing in Assignment 1 Group; however, the instructor doesn't notice that a change was made. They go to Grades and see (or don't see) that the grades do not calculate out correctly.