Enable Bulk Upload of TURNITIN Assignments

Idea created by James Dalton on Jun 19, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Holly Rowsey
    • Rob Ditto

    One of my favorite grading features about Canvas is the ability to download all submissions of an assignment, grade them using the Word track changes features, and then upload the submissions back into Canvas. I love this because it enables you to do one upload of everyone's graded papers at one time.

    Image of Download and (Re-) Upload

    However, when using a Turnitin assignment, while you can bulk download all of the assignments, there is no way to bulk upload the assignments back into Canvas. Instead, you have to upload the graded assignments one at a time when submitting grades. This process takes a lot of extra time, so I would like to see the ability to bulk upload Turnitin assignments.