Fix the calendar for due dates

Idea created by Neeka Aguirre on Jun 19, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Steven Schwamenfeld

    Please make the due date calendar used for ALL assignments more user friendly - there is no meaningful reason why I should have to click from MAY 2018 through JULY 2019 THREE TIMES just because I once used this assignment before.  The calendar should always start with TODAY at very least (fine to allow us to go back but don't default to 2 years ago!) Once I pick an "open" date for an assignment the "close date" should default to the next day. Since it is obviously impossible for an assignment to close before it opens . . . why do I have to click through any previous date?  This would save all instructors time and frustration and seems extremely intuitive I am baffled as to why it isn't already set up this way.  If I am not making sense (yes this post is born of enough frustration for me to figure out how to long in to post this!) please contact me at and I would be happy to better explain.