Message Students Who Earned Between...

Idea created by Erin Miller on Jul 6, 2019
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    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Sarah Canatsey
    • Rob Ditto
    • Michael Funfar

    Compliment: I love the message students who.... option from within the grade book. I message students who I see working ahead to compliment them and students missing an assignment to encourage them, students, who earned greater than to praise them, and students who earned less than to encourage them and provide tips.


    Problem: there is no grade range, so if I want to email students who earned a C, my only option is to message students who earned greater than 70% or whatever percent I enter, which means a message for a C student would go to A and B students, etc.


    Solution: Make the message students who grade feature an adjustable grade range. For example, message students who earned between 70 and 79, message students who earned between 80 and 89, message students who earned 90-97, message students who earned 98 and 100, and message students who earned less than 70% etc.


    Outcome: Engaged participation and communication with students tailored to their performance in a way different from the rubric but also additional helpful. Very detailed, immediate tailored feedback. For example, let's say I want to email the students I awarded a grade higher than a 100 as a reward for their exemplary work, I could email them all at once complimenting them (but privately) and asking for permission to use the submission as an example. I could email all of the students at the same time (but again confidentially and seemingly [to them] individually who earned a C to talk about using a student method SQ4r. I could email all the students who earned lower than a C at once . . .  and refer them to campus resources like tutoring, etc.