Tabs in content pages and syllabus

Idea created by Steven Schwamenfeld on Jul 10, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I would like the rich content editor to allow users to insert tabs into the syllabus and other content pages. 



    Our institutions require longer and longer lists of information to be provided in the syllabus.  Putting it all in a long list makes the page ridiculously long.  However, the only alternatives are inserting a pdf of the entire syllabus as it would look on paper, or a series of links to content pages, which navigate the student away from the syllabus.

    It would be much more effective for students to have a series of clickable tabs with descriptive titles that display chunked content without redirecting them away from the syllabus.


    After doing a bit of research I found this Q&A: Tabs asked by Robert Richards and answered by Kelley L. Meeusen and many others.

    It does provide instructions that I was actually able to follow However these steps require me to use the html editor (at which I am entirely and recently self-taught) to apply changes that do not display properly in the rich text editor.  I only see what I have created after I save the page.  Once created, the tabs work perfectly, but if I need to edit any of the content (in the rich text editor) I might "break" the hidden html code that's making the tabs.  If they fail to display as tabs for any reason (including my incompetent editing) they display as a clickable table of contents instead.  (It took me SO long to figure out how to put everything back together with a table embedded in one of the tabs.) Anyway, that answer fixes the problem, but it is not at all user friendly for those of us who don't already know what the codes mean. 


    Not only does that solution basically require me to teach myself a new language, but every other post about it warns that canvas is somehow planning to cancel the very language I'm learning.  That will leave me back where I started on this problem.


    So, I propose that, before this html tab creation language is canceled, canvas should add a user friendly tab creation solution to the rich text editor.

    EDIT: I just want to clarify here that when I say "tabs" I mean any sort of page division, and that I was taking for granted that a solution built into canvas would be mobile friendly once completed.  A collection of varied page division styles could even be set as options for students to view in their preferred format.  The point here was only to request the ability to design this type of feature into the page without using html.