Mark files and/or assignments for Offline Access

Idea created by Bobby Doriot on Jul 10, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I would like to see the option in the Student App for students to mark certain course items or components to be available for offline access. We have many students in our district (at least 20%) who do not have internet access outside of the school day. This limits the activities/assignments that teachers can send home with students. In the past, we have had programs that have allowed this (eBackpack, MyBigCampus) and currently use other programs (Google Drive, Pearson, GoMath) with this feature. The above programs then allow work to sync back to the platform when they come back online.


    To be clear, I am not asking for an entire course to be available offline, but for individual components (like a PDF, video clip, etc) to be marked for access offline to help us extend the school day for our teachers and students. 


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