Signal Student to Contact Me Right Away

Idea created by levi richard on Jul 17, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Isobel Williams
    • Linda De Long
    • Theresa Villeneuve

    A feature I liked about Blackboard is that it allowed me to "lockout" a student. I used it when a student did not respond to the other communications they received from me. This forced them to contact me before they could log back into the course.


    There is frustration getting a student to contact me after I had emailed them, messaged them through canvas, attached video feedback into an assignment, and posted an announcement(s). I wish there was a way a student could receive a special notification that says "PLEASE CONTACT YOUR PROFESSOR", the next time they log into the course. The notification could be a "bursting" message that's displayed across their canvas page and then disappears. Another option is to make the screen "bubble up", like a screensaver would, and prompt the student to contact the professor. They may be better ways than these for the notification to appear. I would just be grateful if it could be done.


    I like to be proactive and this feature would give me another tool spur communication with students.