Filtering Gradebook by Section in Activity

Idea created by Gideon Williams on Jul 18, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Gideon Williams

    Filtering by Section is a much welcomed and needed feature in the new gradebook - 


    Well done to everyone involved in getting this done.


    An issue (that appears) to remain is this. When filtering by section, whilst all users in other groups (the rows) are removed, the gradebook still KEEPS any assignment not set for that section.


    Assignment set for other sections are greyed out but appear as a column in the gradebook. eg Sugar Poster is not set for this section but still appears in the gradebook!


    I checked with Support who told me that this was not a bug but an intended feature.


    We have courses with considerable number of sections and teachers setting assignments independently from other groups. Whilst the size of the gradebook is reduced vertically, there are lots of unnecessary empty columns that a teacher has to scroll through.


    Would it be possible to please to add a filter that hides assignments/quizzes/discussions created for other sections/groups