Access Chat while in the Grading Page

Idea created by Jennifer O'Bryon on Jul 19, 2019
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    • VaNee Van Vleck
    • Sarah  Wasser

    I have found that when the Chat application is used, students not only receive instant feedback when I am online, but that other students also online participate in a spontaneous conversation that would not happen without the Chat application.  My problem, as an instructor, is that I spend most of my time grading assignments in the grading activity page.  However, I am not able to access the Chat application while I am grading.  Instead, I now have to open the Chat application in a new tab, and switch back and forth from my grading activity to the Chat application page.  This lengthens the amount of time I spend returning to the assignment I was grading after participating in a Chat.  #chat

    #grading while chatting