When adding End Date to Settings of a Course in Default Term, move course to Past Enrollments

Idea created by Hildi Pardo on Jul 23, 2019
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    Hi.  We use our Canvas LMS for both academic courses as well as Professional Learning courses for our staff.  We also use Canvas in other ways (school clubs, counselor or librarian courses areas, etc).  We've learned for these courses it is best to make a new course each year since enrollment management can get overwhelming quickly.


    While the academic courses are automated in their creation and added to specific sub accounts and terms (via SIS), our Professional Learning (and other non-SIS) courses are created and managed in a more manual way. For example for Professional Learning courses:

    • Create the course, add the instructor, assign it to the Default Term (or a Manual Courses term with no end date), assign it to the Professional Learning sub account, add participants via self-enroll code

    I'm now learning that, even if the instructor adds  an End Date in the course Settings, this will not Conclude the course, remove it from the Dashboard, and move it over to Past Enrollments.   The course remains on the Dashboard.   

    I guess I was under the mistaken impression that if an End Date was added AND the check box for "When selected, the course is in a read-only state outside these dates" was checked, that it would behave the same was as a course concluded via a Term with an end date.


    I submitted a ticket (04497440) to Canvas thinking maybe I was doing something wrong.  But apparently you cannot just add an End Date to a course in the Default, or other Term with no dates, and expect it to go away from the Dashboard and move to Past Enrollments.   Additionally, if you select a different Term with no dates, and then Conclude the course (via Settings), all enrollments get removed.


    I'm looking for a way to manage all our manually created courses so students/staff can still access content, but not have their Dashboards cluttered.