Include Group Name in New Gradebook Export/CSV

Idea created by Ginan Acosta (UCF-CDL) on Jul 26, 2019
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    • Ellen Peters
    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Rob Ditto
    • Eline Meijerink
    • Eric Klumperink

    We have a faculty member here at UCF who would like his Gradebook export to include Group membership information of his students. It would be great if the Group information could be in its own column so that it's easy to sort by group membership. In the meantime, we have suggested that he do the following:


    1. In the Gradebook, select the Secondary info link to have the Student Name column display each student's Group.
    2. Manually input the student's Group into the Notes column.
    3. Export the CSV and use the Notes column to sort by Group membership.


    I think this will work temporarily but he is currently teaching multiple classes of ~400 students each so this won't work as a long-term solution.