Timed Questions in quiz

Idea created by Anirudh Mana on Jul 31, 2019
    Open for Voting

    How about having the option to set timer on each question in the Quizzes in canvas? 

    For e.g. Question 1 - Takes 5 minutes to answer, Question 2 - 10 minutes, Question 3 - 6 minutes etc


    This in effect would be beneficial for students when taking an online exam where they don't spend too much time on answering just one question. 


    This can also entail the ability to restrict students from moving ahead to next question until the timer is completed. For e.g. We have some of our quizzes used to test Listening of students and would want them to completely listen to the audio recording before moving on to the next questions. It can be also used to mimic the proctored paper based exams where students are not allowed to look at the questions until a certain time.