Adding content to multiple courses at one time

Idea created by Lina Labarbara on Aug 1, 2019
    • Scott Kniefel
    • Nina Sekerak
    • Robin Daye
    • Stacey Wright
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas



    It would be so much more efficient if you could create content and add to multiple courses at one time. 

    This is especially helpful when teaching several different LEVELS of classes the same period. They are all different courses.  They will not be the same section, so I cannot share the content without choosing to export all/part of the course. This is extremely tedious and could easily be resolved.


    Ex: I currently have 5 different levels of Journalism in one class period working on yearbook. They show up as five different courses. When creating content there are so many additional steps I have to take if I want the same assignment/discussion to show up in all five classes. 


    BUT, it would be extremely helpful if when I create content, and before I post it, CANVAS asks me which class I want to add it to. Then I can check the boxes of all the classes I would like it added to. They would show up under the correct category (i.e.: assignment, discussion, quiz, etc) for me to move to whichever module I need to.


    My last LMS had this feature and it was so much more efficient and easy to use. I have never been able to use Canvas for a few of my elective classes for this reason. Please help!