Improving anonymity in the grade book tool

Idea created by Dave Barber on Aug 2, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Dave Barber

    We are trying to implement anonymous marking and I am proposing a few changes to the way that the old and new grade-books currently work in order to do this more robustly. 


    When a teacher views the grade book no grades are recorded in the columns for assignments that are subject to anonymous assessment.  However, the columns containing the the 'Totals' (for assessment groups and the course as a whole) are not only visible, but take account of the grades assigned in the anonymous assessments.  A teacher can easily see which student has been most recently assigned a grade therefore.  Worse, in cases where there is only one graded assessment in a course - they need only look to the adjacent column in order to see the exact grade that was assigned.


    This may be handled in a number of ways and I note that a previous request that involved hiding student names was not voted up. I would therefore suggest:


    • Do not include grades for assignments that are currently muted in the 'total grade' calculations


    Can I also draw attention to the related and soon to expire idea: Hide Student Names in New Gradebook.