Allow Teachers to be Added to Groups

Idea created by Heidi Collins on Aug 3, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Michael Gaylor
    • Ruth Thornton
    • Laura Brown
    • Terisa ODowd
    • Terisa ODowd
    • Stacy Greathouse
    • Heidi Collins

    We have several sections cross-listed in Canvas (sometimes as many as 30). We need a space where teachers can share information with the Course Manager (designer and talk about their experience while teaching), have discussions, post resources, etc. We can do this by email, but it would be nice to do it within Canvas. When I go to People and start a Group, though, the only options for putting people in a group are the students.


    We also frequently try to assign Teachers to advise groups of students. It would be helpful for the students to know which Teacher to reach out to or work with. Once again this could be done in Groups. It be useful in that kind of setting to be able to combine students and teachers: to assign students to groups and then assign a teacher to the group in a team-taught class or if you allow students to sign up for groups across sections (say a discussion section that meets online at a certain time).


    In addition, Teachers need the Groups icon to show up on Global Navigation so they can quickly go into groups so that they can quickly find the groups they are working with, mentoring, following discussions, etc.