Allow labels for pages

Idea created by Cliff Cunningham on Aug 8, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Fact 1:  Every page gets one "title".

    Fact 2:  Every page title shows up at the top of the page when viewing.

    Fact 3:  "All Files Pages" currently doesn't not allow subfolders... so, organization is a bear.


    To provide a little organization, I currently add a lot of information into my page titles.


    For example, I may have pages with the following titles:

    • Chapter 1: Introduction to BIOCHEM101
    • Chapter 1: The Origins
    • Chapter 1: Early Scientists & Findings
    • Chapter 1: Early Discoveries


    While a student is viewing those pages, they don't need to see Chapter 1. But, because of Fact #2 (above), the "Chapter 1" prefix appears at the top of every page.


    I would like every page to be permitted a "Label". The title would remain primarily (solely?) as a unique page identifier, and to organize the pages back on the All Pages index list. The "Label" would be front-facing... when the page is viewed by the end user, and in Modules.