Separate Name and Title, so Title can still be edited by user (if Edit Name permission is turned off)

Idea created by Hildi Pardo on Aug 9, 2019
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    Hi!  We had to turn off in Admin "Users can edit their name" because we had too many situations where students were changing their names to silly things, and really messing up SpeedGrader and the Gradebook for teachers.


    One of the problems with this is that it also locks down the Title from being edited.

     So now I have teachers that have moved schools (ITC at Henry => ITC at Fleet), or have new teaching assignments (Grade 5 Writing Teacher => Computer Science Teacher) who cannot edit their titles under their Profile.


    The request is to Separate the Name and Title so that the Title can still be edited by the user if the "Edit Name" permission is turned Off.


    For background - other related Ideas:


    • "Users can edit their name" is that it's all or nothing -- you can't turn off the "Users can edit their name" setting for Students only. Teachers may want to change their names to fit the class, such as world languages teacher to:  Sra. Pardo.

      It would be nice if a setting could be set turn this off for Students only, and not Staff. Vote for:  Separate Permission "Users can edit their name" for Staff and Students

    • With System Admin permissions, I am unable to simply go to "Edit User Details" and edit the teacher's title (on this screen, System Admin can only edit Name and Email ).   I have to go to Admin => Settings => Turn ON "Users can edit their name" => Update Settings => Go back to Admin => click People => Find the user => Act as User => Proceed => click on Users Account => Profile => Edit Profile => (edit the title)=> Save Profile => Stop acting as User.  Go back to Admin and turn the setting back Off and Update.  Vote for:  "Allow System Administrator to edit User's Title"