Popup Warning when Editing Content from a Blueprint that will Disrupt Syncing

Idea created by Andy Fitz on Aug 13, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Nicole S (UCF-CDL)
    • Shawn Belton
    • Andy Fitz
    • Brandi Argentar
    • cms_hickss
    • jodi arbus
    • CDL Jared D
    • Elisabeth Greenwood (UCF-CDL)
    • Stacy Shub

    If you accidentally edit a module from a Blueprint in your live course (instead of editing that module in the Blueprint course), then that module will not longer sync until you have an admin un-associate and re-associate the course with the Blueprint. 


    Please provide a popup warning dialog box when a user tries to edit content that came from a Blueprint that will cause that content to no longer sync. The warning could read: "You are about to edit content that is synced from a Blueprint. This will prevent future Blueprint changes to no longer sync. Are you sure you want to do this? :: "Yes"  "No, cancel edit" "No, take me to the Blueprint to edit"