Select All Button to Delete (or Archive) Multiple Messages from the Inbox

Idea created by Kevin Scritchfield on Aug 13, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Rhonda Reid
    • Karen Kackley-Dutt
    • heather brown
    • Coconino Community College eLearning Department
    • Allison Wischer
    • Meredith Munger
    • Benjamin Andrew
    • Cliff Cunningham
    • at tr

    There needs to be a 'Select All' button or something similar in the Inbox in order to be able to delete (or Archive) multiple messages all at once without having to check off every box next to each message individually. Because Canvas Messages automatically links to our email system (Outlook) on our campus, I reply to all of my messages and then delete them over there. Of course, it does not auto-delete them in Canvas' Inbox. I currently have 373 messages in my Canvas Inbox. And I've had a similar number more than once. This seems like a very basic feature that is missing from this tool within Canvas.