New Calculation Methods for Outcomes

Idea created by Allison Chatterjee on Aug 15, 2019
    Open for Voting

    The Calculation Methods in Learning Outcomes are very limited. Please add the following two options: 1) simple straight average, and 2) weighted average.


    I am very surprised that my first suggestion isn't already available. The decaying average is hugely problematic for graduate-level programs.


    For my second suggestion: I imagine this to be similar to how the assignments can be weighted for the Canvas gradebook. For example, if you are assessing a program student learning outcome across multiple formats (exams, performance rubrics, quizzes), how do you ensure that the quizzes (or individual quiz/exam questions in New Quizzes) are not weighted the same as the performance rubrics? It cannot simply be based on how many points each item is worth as that would get very complicated to track across multiple courses.