Embedded Studio Videos on a Page Jump to Where They Are Placed

Idea created by chofer@morainepark.edu Champion on Aug 15, 2019


    It would be nice if the content did not "jump" to Studio videos if they are placed further down a content page...as this requires people to scroll back to the top of the screen.


    The Issue

    I recently discovered that if I embed a Studio video on an assignment page in a Canvas course...and the video is not the first thing people see at the top of the page (for example, if the page of content begins with multiple paragraphs of directions for students), the page will automatically "jump" to the video once the page has loaded.  This causes the students and instructors to have to scroll back to the top of the page to read the content before watching the embedded video.  In conversations with the Canvas Help Desk staff, I learned the following:

    It looks as though we set intentionally set focus on the play button on the video once the Arc Media Player loads for accessibility reasons. This is what is causing the focus on the page to jump to the Arc video once the video loads. If this is something that you would like to see be changed, I recommend submitting a feature idea for this in our community. Doing this allows product teams to see your ideas and follow up with you on on your request if needed.

    I'm not sure what those accessibility reasons are, and I'm not sure if this line from the "Fixed Bugs" in the July 13, 2019 Canvas Release is what is being referred to here:


    External tools retain correct focus within assignments for screen readers.

    Thus...the reason for my request.  Canvas Case #04556185.


    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

    For details see Studio Release Notes (2019-10-01)