Expose "Show Student Survey Results" in Ungraded Survey after course is locked

Idea created by Michael Espey on Aug 16, 2019
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    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Rob Ditto

    We have quite a few faculty here that employ anonymous ungraded surveys to collect feedback on aspects of a course or an assignment. They work well for faculty as they are timely and bolster the information gathered through formal course evaluations.


    There is one drawback of this tool we have discovered as of late. When a course locks the menu this element is in gets hidden. The instructor still has access to the underlying submissions and this seems like purely an oversight. We (as admins) can provide links to the submissions becuase Teachers still have access to the submissions, but the UI element to access them is hidden.


    Canvas Support had the suggestion to build our own tool to expose this information for instructors, which we could do, but that doesn't fix the problem that the tool was built with no way to review feedback after a course closes.


    I attached a screenshot of the element in question that I would like to remain exposed to Teachers after a course closes.


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