Uploading a photo to an existing pdf

Idea created by Steve Hartnett on Aug 21, 2019
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    • Steve Hartnett
    • Anthony Francia

    The school district that I work for used eBackpack as our LMS for some time. Recently, we made the switch to Canvas. Our teachers really enjoy the capabilities of Canvas, however there is one feature that teachers really liked on eBackpack that Canvas does not support. This feature is uploading a photo to an existing PDF. When students would annotate a PDF on eBackpack, the students had the ability to upload an image to that PDF. This would be helpful if students were taking screenshots within different applications and could post these on a PDF within eBackpack. Students also used this feature as a reference tool. For example, a colleague explained that students would upload an image of a formula sheet to an assignment on eBackpack. Students could then use this formula sheet as they completed their math work on the PDF. This features does not exist within Canvas, and our teachers & students would definitely benefit from this.


    Thank you!