Exam review security

Idea created by David Thornton on Sep 1, 2019
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    • David Thornton

    Is their a way to enable the ISP limiting option and password login for exam reviews in the same way it is applied to exams?



    I am working with a large group of nursing students. It is common for students to begin to gather information from tests and then share it with each other so that if a student has to retake a semester they can then review back to them; or they develop exam cheat notes and sell them to the incoming class. We actually just found a student on face book advertising and selling these.

    To deal with this problem my partner and I have switched to online testing using exam banks to offer multiple questions for each of our key learning terms. This has decreased cheating and students ability to share tests dramatically. When we do an exam review we then take the class in to a room in the computer center open the exam for a short time; have the students sign in then close it. We though this was an effective system. Then we found out students were sitting at home and repeatedly trying to go in the the exam to catch the window during which it is open. Once it is open they screen shotted all of our questions from their home computer. So we are back at square one with making up new test questions and my school is question online testing which I think is a Shame.


    I would be eternally grateful if this option could be enabled to increase our test security.

    Thank you