Import CSV file to Canvas gradebook without exporting: Match school ID number and assignment columns

Idea created by Nina Sekerak on Sep 2, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Nina Sekerak
    • CBS Canvas Team
    • Ken Mayer

    The export function in Canvas creates a CSV file that is in an inconvenient format to many educators, from column order to Canvas-generated ID's to student names (first and last) being listed in one column to lengthy section names. As I and some other faculty do not want to keep our Excel gradebooks in this format, importing grades requires additional copy/paste steps which invite errors in our Canvas gradebooks and consume additional time.


    I believe that one should be able to import grades to the Canvas gradebook from a CSV file that contains any column with university student ID numbers (SIS User ID) and at least one other column with assignment values. The import options should ask what values you want to match (e.g., "ID" in CSV -> "SIS User ID" in Canvas and "Exam 1" in CSV -> "Exam 1" in Canvas). There should also be options to upload multiple assignment values at the same time from the same file. (For example, you could upload five assignment columns to Canvas at once.) The import would automatically ignore all CSV columns which are not specified. This flexibility would allow educators to keep their desired format of their Excel gradebook while avoiding possible copy/paste errors into the Canvas-exported CSV file. This change would also protect our time in managing both Excel and online gradebooks. Thank you for your consideration.