Rubrics & Canvas Data

Idea created by Expert on Sep 9, 2019
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    This idea pertains to rubrics and Canvas Data. We would like the ability to report on the following using Canvas Data:


    1. Does an assignment have a rubric associated with it?
    2. Was the rubric used by the instructor for a submission?  And how many submissions have a completed rubric (a calculated field derived from the number of graded submissions)
    3. Aggregation of rubric scoring - how many students and percentage of students scoring at each performance level for each criterion?  This would be used at the course level and also aggregated for all course sections in a given term and across terms for an academic year.  Part of the justification for this is tied to accreditation as we would like to be able to extract the score of select rubric criterion as part of academic assessment reporting.  This is currently a manual process.
    4. Did the instructor enter any comments for any rubric criterion?    List any instructor rubric comments entered for each criterion.


    Thanks for reading ~!  ~ Jeff


    ps. support indicated the submission_dim . has_rubric_assignment field has been deprecated.