Bring back Grade Muting

Idea created by Simon Ringsmuth on Sep 12, 2019
    Open for Voting

    For quite some time, instructors had the ability to Mute grades in Speedgrader or in the Grades spreadsheet. This was a great way to allow instructors to enter grades without students seeing their progress, and then release (or un-mute) grades all at once. This is no longer available and has been replaced with Show/Hide grades. While it essentially does the same thing, there is a key limitation in that grades cannot be hidden unless at least one grade is entered. This makes it very frustrating for instructors who want to make sure that no one, not even one single student, gets a grade before anyone else.


    It's as if the grading functionality took a big step backwards, and it's causing a great deal of consternation with faculty at my university.


    My ideas here is simple: return to the earlier process of Muting grades, or at least allow grades to be set to Hidden even if no grades are currently entered.