SCORM Enhancements

Idea created by Jeffrey Anderson on Sep 13, 2019
    Open for Voting

    We're learning a few things about Canvas' SCORM feature set that we'd like to see some changes...



    Similar to how Canvas used outside cloud-based tools to create features for document scrubbing and inline display, they eventually realized that when something broke or didn't work according to their customers they created DocViewer with their own resources. See:


    Canvas' SCORM engine is not their own, it is actually SCORMcloud.


    We're finding it a rather watered down implementation of SCORM. For instance:


    • It doesn't allow for certain versions of SCORM authoring software to allow learners to re-do assignments for higher scores
    • It doesn't implement xAPI (Experience API ...formerly known as Tin Can API)

    Other ideas for enhancing Canvas SCORM seem to go ignored for the fact that Instructure in and of themselves can't do anything to the product they've adopted into the Canvas Cloud License. If you search the ideas space for SCORM it seems as though there's not a lot of movement or ability to improve what Canvas SCORM feature can do out of the box.


    I know there are barriers to this, but I'd like to see Instructure bring in some of their code from Bridge to get Canvas up to speed with the SCORM compliances that have been lacking, or at least take a hard look at how SCORM in Canvas can be improved.