New Quiz Tool: Easier Access to Assignment Settings

Idea created by Susan Nugent Expert on Sep 16, 2019
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    • Susan Nugent
    • Rob Ditto

    Currently, with the new quiz tool when you click the quiz title the quiz build tab along with other options will display which is fine. This is improvement over the current quiz tool;however, now that the assignment settings are separate, it is NOT easy to get to them. To access the assignment settings of quiz in the new quiz tool the following steps must be complete for each quiz. 


    1. Click the Assignment link in the course menu.
    2. Click the option menu. 
    3. Select Edit. 
    4. Click More Options. 
    5. Change settings
    6. Click Save and then repeat for the next quiz. 


    This is difficult to explain to faculty and is excessively clicky. Additionally, this can only be done from the assignment page. I not really sure what would be the best way but it just needs to easier!