Studio: Default for Videos -- Comments OFF

Idea created by Jesse Schreier on Sep 19, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Lisa Zinsius-Supka
    • Jesse Schreier

    Hello. Currently, whenever a faculty member or student embeds a video from Studio, the default is that "Comments" are ON. 


    Please, please, please change this. It is not good. There are only a few small cases where people (faculty or students) want this functionality. In 90% of cases, faculty and students just want to embed the video. They don't want to have a conversation within the video comments about it. And in the small number of cases where they did want to have a discussion, they could turn the comments on. Having comments on as the default is NOT GOOD.


    Another alternative would be to allow the Canvas Admin to set the default for embedded Studio videos across the instance to be "Off." 


    Our students are not video experts or embed experts. They don't even notice the comments on until they have already embedded it and then the damage is done. Speech Communication is one of our highest enrolling courses. Students have online discussions in Canvas about their speech presentations that they do with Studio. Having a discussion with lots of replies and with Studio videos in there with its own reply functionality is just bad. 


    Here's a video where I demonstrably make my point: Sep 19, 2019 3:19 PM - YouTube 


    All love. Never hate. Best, Jesse