Grading Options

Idea created by Ryan Kelley on Sep 20, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Aaron Finley
    • Anne Lightbody

    I would like to see more grading options added. The only option I can find so far to 'modify' from a standard grade is the 'fudge' feature. This is handy, but not practical to do for each student in the class.


    I like the idea of giving the students many pathways to success. In quizzes, for example, I want to build a quiz with 12-15 questions each equally weighted. However, instead of the total simply summing each individual point value I would like to be able to set the total independent of the sum of the questions. 


    Quiz A has 12 questions each worth 1 point. The total is set to 10. If you answer 12 you only get 10 points, or full credit. If you answer 10 correctly, you get 10 points rather than 10/12 or 8.3 points. If you answer 8 you get 8 points, not 8/12 or 6.7 points. 


    This same option could be used to build extra credit into assignments as well. If you define 10 homework assignments, 9 of which are worth 10 points and one worth 15, Canvas will add the individual point values for a group total. Anything less than 15 points on the final HW is treated as less than 100% and the group total drops. I would like an option to allow 5 extra points on the final HW for work above and beyond the expectation without penalizing students who don't take that option.


    TLDR - More options = better UX. Let me define my grades as I see fit. Sum total is not the only way.