Canvas-provided demo course with demo students for Admin use

Idea created by MATTHEW HARRIS on Sep 30, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Eric Wilson
    • Scott Rial
    • Sue Harlan
    • hallmans

    Hi!  When Canvas admins and other trainers with admin permissions are providing demonstrations of Canvas features (such as the Canvas Analytics Beta), it would be fantastic if Canvas could provide a "standard" ready-made demo course with demo students.  My institution's Canvas support team could create a fake course with fake assignments, quizzes, and discussions as well as fake student accounts.  However, creating significant/realistic "fake" participation (and grades) data over a 8-wk/16-wk period of time is incredibly cumbersome and time-consuming.  Having a ready-made Canvas demo course with demo students would be very useful for demonstrating Canvas tools, video tutorials, etc. 


    The re-usability of such a demo course would be huge, and Canvas could ensure all the necessary activity/grade patterns were present to provide an effective demonstration course.  Instead of each institution having to create their own class, we could all benefit from the Canvas-provided course!