Please Mute Scores AND Submitted Papers with Comments/Feedback

Idea created by Jan Neal on Oct 2, 2019

    PROBLEM: When an assignment is muted, a submitted paper the instructor has commented on in the DocViewer and feedback the instructor has provided in Speedgrader is still visible to the student. This completely defeats the purpose of muting an assignment because all of the students do not see their graded papers and instructor feedback at the same time when the assignment is unmuted. 


    REASONS: If Student A submits a paper before the due date, and the instructor grades it and provides comments and feedback, that student can see everything except the score. Student A is able to share that information with other classmates who have not yet submitted their papers, giving those students an unfair advantage. In the case of draft papers, Student A also has a time advantage over the other students whose papers have not been graded because he or share can start using that information to inform revisions to his or her final paper.


    SOLUTION: Hide the scores, DocViewer, and instructor feedback when assignments are muted.


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