Listing File Locations Posted throughout Canvas in the Files tab

Idea created by Kristi Rowell on Oct 2, 2019
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    • Gregory Orcutt
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    • Erin Bodeker
    • Kristi Rowell
    • Elena Northrup
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    • Patricia Tomkins

    It would great if each file listed for a Canvas course had an option in the drop down box showing the file attachment location(s).


    What I mean is going into the files section with the list of files and then going to the drop down box to the far righht side that pops up as you scroll over that area. Then having an option that shows where a file is saved or attached or posted within the pages of the course(s).


    For example: the syllabus file – it may say it is located in the “Orientation” page and the “Syllabus” navigational page, etc. in X course, etc.


    To further clarify:

    Under the files tab

    select a file 

    in the drop down box to the far right

    option to show where this specific file is located within all the Canvas courses and what pages within those courses


    Thank you for your time and consideration!