Ease of Starring Courses for Visibility

Idea created by Brian Scanlan on Oct 4, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Brian Scanlan
    • Vicki Gaido

    The dashboard view can start out really cluttered. When courses are pushed from an SIS (like PowerSchool), we may need to scroll down to see all of the course cards. This is not ideal/simplified, and getting a simplified dashboard take s too many clicks. The simpler ‘Courses’ sub-menu shows all courses including which are semester 1 and semester 2. Unfortunately I cannot star a course from that location. Rather I must choose ‘all courses’ from the bottom of the sub-menu. Once I do this, I can no longer see semester designations due to too much data (too many columns) being present in this view.

    It would be beneficial if we could star courses to make them visible (and un-starred courses invisible) in the dashboard, from the ‘courses’ sub-menu view. As it stands currently we need to go back and forth from dashboard and all courses to star courses. We must create a nickname to make things visible (to semester if we name it this way), and this is rather time consuming.