New Quizzes: Quiz and Item Analysis Show Student Names

Idea created by Chor Yuen Wong on Oct 4, 2019
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    • Chor Yuen Wong

    There are times when students entered the answer correctly but with some typo, and Canvas would mark their answer as incorrect. If an instructor would like to make adjustment to the quiz answer to accommodate for cases like these, they will need to find out which students got the answer marked as incorrect.  The current New Quiz tool Reports > Quiz and Item Analysis only shows how many students got a certain grade for Fill in the Blank questions, but does not tell the reader which students got which grade.  If a course has about 200 students, it would take the instructor a lot of time to go through one student at a time in Speedgrader to find which students got the question marked as incorrect.

    It would help the instructors greatly if the New Quiz tool's Quiz and Item Analysis could include the student names in the stats.