Scroll Bar in Course Search

Idea created by Michelle Powell on Oct 4, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Evidently there was a change in Canvas in Mid-September.  Previously, when I searched for courses in the Admin view the ALL TERMS box would show all the terms in one long list.  Now, it is a tiny list with a scroll bar.  This change makes my job harder now because the terms I need to click on are in the middle of the list.  I would like to be able to choose to turn this feature off if possible.  Canvas Support said that the only recourse I had was to present this to the Ideas Forum and have people vote on it. Most of the changes you make are very helpful but this one is not and I personally don’t see a reason for this being changed because it hides most all the terms and adds more clicks than we already have to make as an Administrator. Is anyone else having this problem??


    I have attached a screenshot of the Scroll Bar.