Parent App doesn't allow managing email Notifications

Idea created by Hildi Pardo on Oct 4, 2019
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    We are a k12 District.  This is our second year piloting the parent canvas app with a select group of teachers/students/parents.    Teachers in this pilot are doing ALL their grades in Canvas (and not our grading program) and only entering Interim/Quarter/Final grades in that system.  So that parents in the Pilot can view grades of individual assignments for these courses, they are being directed to create their accounts via the Parent mobile-app and pair with their child(ren).


    One of the frustrations is that parents cannot manage their email notifications from the Parent App.   Once Parents sign up for their account, they are receiving email Notifications for all their child's courses (even those that are not in the Pilot).  Plus, the email notifications include a link back to the browser version of the course.


    Note:  we do not want to give parents access to the browser version of their account for various reasons including:  

    • our Canvas instance is behind a one-login that is only for staff and students
    • parents can see the entire course content
    • parents can see their child's submissions


    As Canvas looks at improving the Parent App -- please consider a way for Parents to manage their Notifications from the Parent App.    (not sure that anything can be done about the link)


    Or can there be a way for accounts, that are created via the App, default to Notifications => None (??)



    Thank you!