Exclude LMS ID from Search

Idea created by Ira Strauss on Oct 8, 2019
    Open for Voting

    When searching for Courses and People, the Search includes the LMS ID, and lists that find first, ahead of the SIS ID that we are searching for. I suggest adding a checkbox to 'Exclude Course LMS ID' and 'Exclude User LMS ID' to their respective searches, and make it 'sticky' if possible. Here's an example of each issue in play ...


    Our Course SIS ID begins with 5 digits. The course search below is for the AASI course. The SIS ID for the course is "2507_9W1_AASI_605 ..." But the first course returned has LMS ID 25079, as in "https://erau.instructure.com/courses/25079 "



    Our User SIS ID is 7-digits, such as "0123456". Here's an example, searching for our user with the SIS ID of "0001589". The user search returned the correct user first, with the correct User SIS ID, but also returned a second user, whose SIS ID does not match our search criteria, but has the User LMS ID "1589", as in https://erau.instructure.com/accounts/1/users/1589