District Theme for Courses with Sections at Multiple Schools

Idea created by Paul Anderson on Oct 8, 2019

    We have some teachers who teach the same course at multiple schools. Because of the way we are configured, Canvas creates a single course (based on data sync with Infinite Campus) that contains all of the sections even though they are at multiple schools.  Students at Carey Junior High and Johnson Junior high see the McCormick Junior High theme.Here is an example. https://laramie1.instructure.com/courses/25748  Same course number, different schools, all in one Canvas course as separate sections. I would guess that something similar to Cross-Listing sections is happening in the background to combine these.  I assume that the theme is applied based on the "parent course." I was wondering if it would be possible to automatically set the theme to some more generic LCSD1 district theme if sections from multiple schools are detected.  The combining of the sections into a single course is desired to reduce duplication of efforts by the teachers. It's just a little tricky when students have to work in a course that is painted up with the colors of their cross-town rivals.