Large Course: Open SpeedGrader Listing All Students

Idea created by Gustav Öberg on Oct 11, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Filter Gradebook by Groups is a very appreciated update where the groups can be used in a more administrative way.

    If an "Open SpeedGrader listing all students" choice is supported, it will make the functionality useful for more teachers at our institution.


    An average course might look like this (it doesn't matter if there are 30 students or 100 students):

    • Some assignments in the course are assessed by multiple teachers where every group is assigned a teacher.
    • Some assignments in the course are assessed by one teacher.


    The teacher needs to disable "Filter Gradebook by Groups" settings everytime he or she

    needs to open SpeedGrader with all students.


    And of course then remember to enable the setting.


    Vote up for the suggestion to use Filter Gradebook by Group settings, but with the addition to manually choose to open SpeedGrader listing all students.