Ability to turn off "course invitation" when enrolling Users via the API

Idea created by Thomas Bell on Oct 14, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Stephanie Hernandez
    • Emily Mendelson
    • Rob Ditto
    • Corinne Counsell
    • Jacob Adams
    • Thomas Bell
    • Noor Ass'ad
    • Afiya Williams
    • Sandra Stein

    Currently, when enrolling Students into courses via the API, the Student will receive an "invitation" to said course.


    The Student has the option to reject the invitation - which may not always be what the teacher wants.

    In fact, when the teacher doesn't want students to reject it, it causes a whole bunch of frustration to have to send a new enrollment to that Student and possibly re-group them etc.


    There is of course a workaround, which is to enroll Students via a SIS Upload (CSV). But for those using the API to create enrollments, there simply isn't an option to remove the invitation.


    Possible solutions?

    • A passable parameter in the API would be useful.
    • A toggle on/off setting in the Course feature settings would be useful.
    • A toggle on/off setting in the Account admin settings would also be useful.