Teacher Can Select & View Submission Upload Locations When Using "File Upload"

Idea created by Cynthia Padavano on Oct 14, 2019
    Open for Voting

    When teachers elect their students to submit "Online" and they select "File Upload", there is no way to deselect students uploading from their desktop or Google Drive (in my institution's version of Canvas). What's more, teachers have no idea what submission locations are available to students unless they are a student. Student View shows Google Drive, but for some reason also missed showing the "Gdoc" option that my student account shows (see screenshots below). 


    It would be better if teachers could check on or off students being able to select from a location for file submission. This is to A) create less confusion for students on submitting their work, B) allow hiding of submission type not desired (e.g. the Google Assignment feature that is new to my institution and yet I do not want students using because they should be uploading a document/file).


    Student account submission locations available:

    Student View of submission locations available: 


    Therefore, I am submitting the ideas to:

    1. Allow instructors to select upload locations of "From Computer", Google Drive, and Google Assignments (more options listed if available).


    2. Allow instructors to see what upload location options appear available for students in the Assignment Settings when in teacher mode.