Better Discussions Navigation for iOS

Idea created by Stephanie Leary on Oct 15, 2019

    Using the Discussions feature in the Student iOS app is a trying experience. There are some basic features that do not work the way they should:


    1. Notifications of new comments take you to the top of a discussion thread, not to the individual reply. This makes the notification absolutely useless in a discussion with 300+ replies. (Threads often get this large in my online graduate program, where the instructor posts a topic as the first message and asks all the students in the class to post a comment and reply to others'.)


    2. The "unread" option is missing from the app. Again, with a huge discussion thread, it is not reasonable to begin at the top every time we need to check for replies.


    3. The "mark all as read" option is also missing. In addition, reading replies on the mobile app does not automatically mark them as read. The upshot is that we have to see all the same messages again when we return to the website, sifting through them for new ones.