Add an Incomplete 'IN' option in Gradebook

Idea created by Benjamin Battiste on Oct 15, 2019
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    • Turkessa Robinson
    • Althea Tomlinson
    • Theresa Jarvis
    • Brian Metcalf
    • Justin Carrell
    • Rob Ditto
    • Lauren Sayer
    • Benjamin Battiste
    • Shekinah  Brown

    I would like to suggest another non-numerical grading option be added to the gradebook in addition to Excused 'EX.' Sometimes students turn in work that's incomplete or inaccurate. Rather than give them a zero or mark it as 'Missing' as I would for a student who doesn't complete the assignment, I would like to mark that assignment as Incomplete 'IN' to identify the assignment as one that was handed in incomplete but on-time and actually submitted although wrong. That incomplete should carry the weight zero until the student re-submits the assignment.