Transfer Students' Work Among Courses

Idea created by Barbara Goebel on Oct 16, 2019
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    Our school is not large, but we do have a fairly fluid system for assigning students to teachers and courses, which generates data problems. When a student was suddenly transferred out of my course into my partner's course after conferences last night, all of her data was lost to us. She has since transferred back to my course, in a different section and I'm waiting to see her data reappear in my gradebook. Usually, the student does not reenter the same course, so I'm not sure if this data transfer will happen.

    My suggestion for a feature would be to add a way that a student's data can be picked up and shifted from one course to another, when the student moves. In a Chat with Canvas Support, I was told that this cannot be done currently. The suggested feature would likely require that teachers code assignments and assign points in a uniform way, but that could be done in our environment. We deal with problems of that sort now, when we have notice that a student will be transferring from one teacher to another. It's time consuming to manually record and re-enter their data, and seems a waste of labor. At the very least, an automatic save and export of student data could be generated and available to incoming and outgoing teachers and administrators.Shelly Sybert