Separate Next and Submit Buttons

Idea created by Janice Fjerstad on Oct 16, 2019

    When taking the quizzes on Canvas, I have noticed that the button you click on to submit the quiz is located extremely close to the NEXT button you click on to go to the next question in the quiz. I am requesting that the location for these two important buttons be separated. For example, the next button can stay on the right side, but put the submit button at the top of the question away from the next and previous question buttons.


    Not today, but the last time I had to take a quiz, I thought I had 10 questions on the quiz and that I had accidentally hit the submit quiz button after answering only 5 of the questions. Fortunately, I was wrong and there were only 5 questions, but it was very stressful.


    I hope you will strongly look at this idea. 


    Sincerely, Janice Fjerstad #Separate Submit and Next Buttons